The Dark Divine (Dark Divine Series #1)

The Dark Divine (Dark Divine Series #1) - Cross posted at my blog: Take Me Away... On the Pages of your StoryWow... This book really caught me off guard. I really only picked it up because I read the blurb and was being nosey trying to figure out what he was. Then when I began reading it I began liking it more and more. I loved the dark mystery of Daniel and although Grace was the main character, I liked him more. I also liked Jude. Well really I felt sorry for him. Ugh its complicated... I really did like Grace though. She went through so much the entire story but still stayed strong. I also loved Grace and Daniel's romance. The way they kept fighting for each other and how she chose to save him was amazing. Then there was something refreshingly different about how she put the setting or the fact that it was a memory, at the different times in the story. I've never read a book like that so this was something to set it apart from other YA novels. Also, every element and character in the story helped move along the plot. It was easy to tie in everything and know why Despain decided to write everything the way she did. Lastly the ending was EPIC! It threw me for all kinds of loops and I sat bug eyed reading in my living room. I definitely recommend this to you guys if you haven't read it. As far as what I didn't like, well, there wasn't really anything. Except that it wasn't until the end where it completely knocked my socks off. Still, I really loved this story! Add it to your TBR pile now! lol