Catching Fire  - Suzanne  Collins Cross-posted, here and at my blog: Take Me Away... On the Pages of your Story Although this book was riveting, I found myself thinking I was reading The Hunger Games all over again. I feel like it was just the same story, with a different twist this time. I wanted to just skip to the end, but I knew I would be reading the third book, but I didn't want any type of surprises, so I just went ahead and finished it. The only thing that really kept me reading was the surprise that came at the end of what seemed like every chapter. Collins knew what she was doing when she made even every chapter a bit of a cliffhanger. One thing I did like was how I went through every emotion in this book. I was able to put myself as Katniss once again. From Gale in the square, to Peeta in the arena, to seeing the reading of the Quarter Quell card on the tv, to the very end. *Warning* This book is definitely a tear jerker. And the end will leave your mouth hanging open and begging for more. For me to enjoy this is epic... I usually NEVER like the second installment to a series, but this book was so full of twists and turns that I had to keep reading it.