The Tell-Tale Start (Misadventures of Edgar/Allan) - Gordon McAlpine The Tell-tale Start is a typical middle grade novel. It was funny and was quite an adventure. The twins will sweep you off to their world from the beginning and leave you reeling! From the first page I was hoked. The adventure they went on started from the very beginning and I was never left bored with them. The plot moved quickly, which made for an awesome story. I also loved the characters. They were all so fun and the twins were so clever. I connected to them all and loved everything they brought to the story. What I liked most about this book, was how the author used the poets and showed their "afterlife" as being effective to the events in present time. It was a very interesting concept that hadn't been done before and that freshness alone made it even more enjoyable. This fun series will take you on a quirky trip until the very last page. I will be sure to pass this on to the teacher of the class I am student teaching.