Hex Hall  - Rachel Hawkins Cross posted here and at my blog: Take Me Away... On the Pages of Your Story I guess I should start by saying that I tried reading this before and couldn't get into it. But then I told my friend that I had read alot of heavy stuff lately and I wanted something light and funny and she said to give this a try. I remembered the author's voice and I decided I would try it again. And I really loved it! This book is absolutely adorable! Yes it is a YA book, but the author's voice and Sophie make it just cute. The characters are all well fleshed out and they all had their own unique paranormal twist. Like Jenna... Poor Jenna. I hated how everyone in the book was so mean to her. The other thing I really liked was the mystery. I know, it was just a classic "whodunit" tale, but it was unique to the story and with all the other things going on it still had a fresh story. I just wish it had started sooner. Of course the information of the one girl was there, but there wasn't a huge deal made about it. The only thing I really did not enjoy was the predictability of everything. Up until the last few chapters I was calling everything from chapters that had occurred before. But then at the end, everything I thought I knew...... I didn't. There is definitely an end that I didn't see coming. I really wish I could elaborate, but I don't want to give it away. An lastly, all I have to say is one word: Archer! I loved you! I'm so sorry I was thinking bad things of you at a certain time, but hey I just assumed.... Well you get the picture. Overall, this book is a light, fun read and in the strange case that you aren't intrigued by the mystery going on in the book, maybe the dialogue and Sophie's wit will keep you captivated.