Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy, #1) - L.A. Weatherly Cross posted here and at my blog: Take Me Away... on the Pages of Your Story*Real Rating is 3 1/2 stars* Wow.... Lets just say.....I was definitely surprised by this book. Why you ask? Let's start by saying, everything you THOUGHT you knew about angels, you thought wrong. Well according to Weatherly. In this novel he takes makes them into terrible creatures who feed off humans and turn them into shells of people with different illnesses, hence the "angel burn." But then, there's the people that kill these "evil creatures," called Angel Killers, or AK. But then comes Alex who is an AK who meets Willow, who is something different. Then of course, they fall for each other, but end up trying to deny it at all costs. But then they realize that Willow could definitely be of some help to him and things begin to smooth out. The story itself was a thrilling ride. I could NOT put this book down. Especially at the end. The ending was like... Wow.... And the action in the book was nonstop. Every time I turned a page there was something else Alex had to take care of. It was definitely an enjoyable book.