Angelfire - Courtney Allison Moulton 4.5 as the real reviewCross posted here and at my blog: Take Me Away... On the Pages of Your Story When I originally heard of this book, I had saw a fan's rendition of the way they thought Will would look. I was immediately drawn to his green illuminated eyes and before reading anything else I decided I HAD to read this book because I wanted to know who this character was. And low and behold, I wasn't disappointed. All the characters in this book were easy to connect with and made me keep wanting to know about everything they were doing. Overall, this was a great debut from Moulton. She has a great writing style that allowed for easy reading and a clear understanding of all the information in the story. Her writing also allows for the easy connection to all the characters. I also enjoyed the fact that the stereotypical things you see in YA books were nonexistent. There was no love triangle (she handled Landon the RIGHT way) and there was no "insta-love." It took awhile before Will and Ellie kissed. The only thing that was close to the YA stereotype was the forbidden love, but the fact that Will actually was willing to take heed on it and didn't just say "Oh forget it," like in many of the others, it made me happy. Another thing I loved about her writing was the fact that it was action packed. I was hooked to the book because of the non-stop action throughout the story. I mean there was a reaper fight in almost every scene. (The boat scene and her birthday party scene.......OMG I was wide eyed the entire time!) The only thing I did not like about the book, was the fact that Ellie seemed sooooo naiive. All these things were happening to her yet she still couldn't believe what she was. And then all these things were happening to her yet she still wasn't trying her hardest to fight. She was relying on memories to help guide her to fight. I would've been trying to practice alllllll the time. Especially if I had things like reapers big as minivans coming after me. I just found it awkward that she didn't care as much. But overall, this book was amazing. Now I'm on the hunt to find the next book in the series, "Wings of the Wicked," because my library doesn't have it. I recommend this to anyone that may have a love for angel books but cannot find a good one.