Born of Illusion - Teri Brown I am so beyond frustrated with this I don't know where to start. I was so excited about this book and I just knew I would love it, but that was definitely not the case. The many issues I had with this book definitely over ruled all the things I was super excited about. One thing I was excited about was the magic and illusions and Houdini-ness that I was promised to see in the synopsis. That was the defining factor that made me want to read it. But once I started it, it seemed like that was all there was in the story. They explained so many aspects of her mother and their job together, that they forgot about the rest of the story. There was absolutely nothing else going on. Then I was excited about this boy that would make her gifts go crazy. But then there ended up being another dude and it seemed like a love triangle. After reading some of my friend's reviews, I'm guessing he's there for something that happens later in the plot, but I just couldn't get to that. In the end I DNF. I had connected to Anna, but only barely, and I was sick of the redundancy of her job. I just needed something else.