The S-Word - Chelsea Pitcher I was expecting something else from this book. Something else entirely. Normally I wouldn't write a review for this because I didn't even make it to page 50, but I just had to tell someone what I really disliked about this story from its beginning pages. The writing style was terrible. Every other word was hard to follow. Most of the book was about the description about the people in the book. There was no set up for the actual story. It was like the story line was what was at the back of the author's mind and the characters were what was most important. By page 40 something, I was still lost, but knew almost all the cheerleaders and whether or not they started writing the words on the lockers again. This is especially a problem when you're describing the characters like "She had the kind of ass they rap about." and "Rumor has it they mix love spells into their lip balm." Just from those entries you may think its funny, but surrounding the rest of the words in the book, I thought it was stupid. This synopsis stopped me in my tracks when I read it on NetGalley and I just knew it was going to be good. Unfortunately I couldn't get past the writing style to find out.