Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare I took my time on getting around to this one because there were so many rumors as to when the final installment would come out. Now that its available, I'm trying to hurry and play catch up. This book brought up so many questions. Such as "What is Tessa?" and "What is the Magister REALLY up to?" It was the perfect setup for the last book. Had I not waited to read it, I would have been very upset at having to wait so long to finally get the answers to these questions. The best part of this book has to be the emotion surrounding it. With Clare's writing, the grief that Tessa, Will, and Jem face, is not only read, but FELT by the reader. I honestly felt my heart breaking many times for Will throughout the entire novel. Gah, Will is such a misunderstood character! I saw that many people were also afraid of the love triangle in this series. Although it is a big part in the story, it is not overwhemling. I enjoyed it, (#TeamWill) besides the times when she was with the "wrong person." lol The triangle is well written and as I said before, sets up for the last installment to the series where Tessa will hopefully pick. Lastly, something that I enjoyed from the first book to this series, is the characters. They are explained more in depth in this novel. We learned so much more about Will, Jem, Tessa, her brother, Mortmain, and even Jessamine. Although we learned about them in the first one, I feel that they were explained more and the reasoning for their actions is explained. Hence the reason I said Will is misunderstood. This book will give you some answers and will give you even more questions. It was the perfect sequel novel, and I don't say that often. I am definitely looking forward to reading the last installment to the Infernal Devices series to answer all my questions, such as who will Tessa pick, what is she, and how does the actual Mortal Instruments come in to play at the very end of the story.