Dualed  - Elsie Chapman More of my reviews at: Take Me Away... This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2013 and I was a little upset by it. I wanted this book to be so absolutely good that I wouldn't be able to put it down for anything, but it fell just short of that. It started out really slow and I just felt like nothing was really happening. It took me until about the ending mark when I really fell for it. The way the premise is, this book shouldn't be any less than 5 Stars, but unfortunately for me it was. For the most part I felt like nothing was going on. It seemed like there was nothing going on. Either there was someone dying or she was hiding. It just got weird for me, like repetitive. Maybe I’m being picky, but I wasn't really feeling it. Then when it finally was a killing, it wasn't gruesome and drawn out and cool like, it was just like “Oh someone else is dead.” *shrugs* I can’t lie it was a little disappointing. To top all that off, I was really upset about the characters. With West I just felt she was a little flat. She was so dead set on everyone else’s Alt’s but when it came to her own she just seemed afraid. She was like a real life contradiction. But maybe its just me. I’m sure plenty of people would have trouble killing “themselves,” but at the same time, if you can do anyone else, you shouldn't have any worries. As for the romance I just felt like it wasn't there. I mean I understand it wasn't the main focus of the story, but when there’s not much else happening, it might be better to add a little “umph” to it.What I did like about the story though, was the world building. There were so many details that were well thought out. It was so well planned that I would have thought it was researched, but since the premise was so unique, I’m sure she made up things as she went along. Overall, I loved the premise and the cover, but that was about it. I was expecting a lot more out of the story, but it just fell flat. But, the world building in itself was really cool and gave the story a very unique feel.