Losing It - Cora Carmack When I first read the synopsis about this book it was on another blogger's site and they were looking for people to sign up for a cover reveal. By the end of the synopsis I knew I had to sign up because I had so many different ideas in my head about what it might look like. When I finally started the book, I had so many of the same thoughts going in my head about how the book itself might be. And it surpassed all those thoughts and was even better than I imagined. The biggest thing I loved about this book was the characters. They were so easy to connect with. Bliss was so awkward it was funny and Garrick was nothing less than amazing. And those were just the main characters. Carmack didn't leave the "supporting roles" (no pun intended) flat, they were full of life as well and gave more meaning to the story. Especially Cade who has earned his own book because he was such a hurt, interesting character. (See more about Cade's story HERE) And then there's Garrick. Don't let me get started on him. I mean, he was blonde, had blue eyes, rode a motorcycle, and had stacks and stacks of books around his apartment. There's no way I COULD ignore him! (Just looking at the cover I knew I couldn't ignore him lol) As for the romance, it blew me away. I'm already drawn to forbidden romance, and with Bliss falling for her teacher, there's nothing that could be more forbidden. But even still, with it being that way, it still seemed effortless. They were very much in love with each other and it showed. Carmack did an amazing job with portraying all the feelings in this story. When they were sick, it really seemed that they were sick. When they were so joyous after Opening Night, I really felt that same joy. I connected with this story like no other. This book had me laughing the entire time. From the awkwardness of Bliss to the sarcastic humor that Garrick had, I fell in love with this book from the beginning. I cannot wait to see what else that Carmack has in store for us. This was a refreshing New Adult that gave me just enough hotness without going overboard and I definitely appreciated that.