Persistence of Vision - Liesel K. Hill This was definitely not what I was expecting. But in a very good way. I was taken on the ride of a lifetime with dozens of twists and turns. I just wish I knew a little more about the world where they were. I mean the society seems crazy, but the world we don't get a huge glimpse into it. As for the characters, I enjoyed them all, but it seemed that a huge amount of the story was dialogue. (YES I KNOW THIS IS FICTION!) But I wish I had gotten a larger glimpse into the main character, without everyone else's voices coming into it. I was missing the chance to fully bond with Maggie. Although this didn't make me hate the story, or her, it was still something that I missed as a reader. The biggest thing I loved about this story was the genre. I forgot all about what society has labeled as "normal" New Adult, and was able to enjoy a Sci-Fi/futuristic story about a girl and guy who are my age. Don't get me wrong, there is some romance in this book, but its not ALL there is to it. This will be the opening of the floodgates for so many other authors to branch out and be different. Another thing I especially liked about this book is how it taught me so much. Hill is so knowledgeable about the human brain and she researched it really well for her book. I felt it to be a little overwhelming at times, but I was still able to follow along. I even took a few notes to help me along. This story is one for the books. (No pun intended.) The plot will leave you on the edge of your seat and the knowledge you gain from it wil leave you with something you can take with you long after you finish it.