Easy - Tammara Webber Easy was just that; an easy, thrilling read. From the moment I first cracked open the book, I was enthralled and couldn't wait for more. What I loved most about it, was how it not only took me on a thrilling ride in the world of fiction, but also taught me a lesson as a woman. Books with lessons always seem to score big with me. Jacqueline goes to college with her boyfriend of three years and thinks that her life is amazing. That is, until he joins a fraternity and breaks up with her with the lamest, most BS excuse he could think of. She is left single at a university (where she was never supposed to be) with few friends. One night leaving a party, her ex's frat brother physically assaults her outside in her truck. Her world is then turned upside down by the dude who swoops in and saves her out of the blue. They have more in common than they realize and as they learn more and more about each other, their worlds melt together to finally paint their picture of happiness. What I liked most about this book was the lesson it taught. Too many times books feature women as small creatures that can't or won't do anything to protect themselves. This book centers on Jacqueline keeping herself safe. There were so many things I was upset at her about at first, but towards the end I felt better when I saw that her character had grown and gotten smarter. I also liked how it showed her able to go on. I loved how she didn't just shut down after the attack and let him win. It portrayed her as empowering, something that isn't really depicted in novels, especially YA ones. Another thing I liked about this book was the characters. Erin more specifically. She was the exact replica of a best friend. I loved how she took Jacqueline's side and didn't make it seem as if she was at fault, even when others did. And of course I loved hot ass *ahem* I mean, Lucas. Besides the fact that he was incredibly hot, with a lip ring, and covered in tattoos, he was also caring and understanding. I felt so bad for him for being so guarded, but when I finally got his story, I was heartbroken and I could tell why. Although this story was a work of fiction, it was so beautifully crafted it made the book a perfect realistic fiction rendition. I was fully pulled into Jacqueline's world and I felt every emotion she had. I loved how Webber was able to balance Jacqueline's emotions. She was assualted, but in the end, she wasn't afraid to fall for Lucas. I viewed this as her not being afraid to move on with her life. Easy was a moving read and caused me to push back "life" quite a bit. I was too wrapped up in J's life to remember to do certain things in my own. I appreciate the life lesson to women and the wonderful story Webber put together.