My Soul to Steal - Rachel Vincent This is Book 4. In this book, Nash's ex-girlfriend Sabine comes back and of course she can't be just a normal human. She's a mara, a walking nightmare. And I mean literally. This of course causes disturbances in Nash and Kaylee's already rocky relationship and makes it even harder for them to try to work things out. Although Sabine was a pure, evil b*tch, I still had a soft spot for her. I guess it was because I felt like everyone was too hard on her and she had had a hard life and didn't deserve it. I know she did some messed up things and was like a cancer in some ways, but I only didn't like her when it came to Nash. The things she did to him in spite of Kaylee, I wanted to slap her. Somethings are just uncalled for. As for Kaylee, I felt like she was being a HUGE whiny baby in this book. She didn't want him but she didn't want anyone else to either and that annoyed me. It even annoys me when people do it in real life. I just feel like if he can't make you happy, go out and find someone who does. No sense in both of y'all being miserable. But overall, the mythology in both of these were amazing. Everything was completely researched and well thought out. One huge thing that I was thankful for was the fact that Vincent had went back and repeated everything that happened in the previous books, because although they are some of my favorites, I sometimes get them confused. Another big thing that I loved about it, was the fact that Vincent's humor is still just the same. Most of this book was pretty heavy with hellions and maras and bean shides running around, but Vincent was able to add that comic relief in places that needed it. It was just overall well written.