Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone Cross posted here and at my blog: Take Me Away...*Edit* Is there any chance of getting a story from Bennett's POV? Because seeing him as he actually time travels would be very intriguing... I picked this up because someone told me it was The Time Traveler's Wife for YA and I have been in the mood for a really swoony, moving romance for awhile now. And this one held its ground and certainly lived up to all the hype that it has gotten. Anna and Bennett were never supposed to meet. They're from two different times, but couldn't be more of the same person. As their relationship deepens, Anna learns that he possess a unique and thrilling ability, he can time travel. From there, their relationship takes off on a very emotional journey. What I loved most about the book was the way the author presented Bennett's gift. She made Bennett space it out to Anna and he explained it in depth. I didn't feel as if there was an info dump and I wasn't confused when he did it. This is a problem with most YA books that have extraordinary gift or creatures. Another thing I loved, was the characters. Anna was a strong and driven female protagonist who handled everything in a very grown up manner. There were very few tears that she shed and throughout her story and that in itself is a very rare feat. Then there's Bennett.... I loved him dearly. He makes for a very swoon worthy character and it is very easy to see how much he cares for Anna. I also loved one of the lesser main characters, Emma. She was funny and I could easily hear her accent in my mind every time I read "Hello love." Lastly, I just want to say Stone's writing style is amazing. I connected to every piece of the story. During the "hospital" scene, I found myself crying buckets and every time they were in Spanish class I felt like I was attending the class with them. Stone took the "time" (no pun intended lol) to fine tune every detail and create a very moving, detail driven story. Time Between Us is a tale of love, family, and friends and is a must read for everyone!