Gift - Andrea J. Buchanan Cross posted here and at my blog: Take Me Away... On the Pages of Your StoryFrom the moment I read the synopsis I was intrigued by the premise. It truly was one that I hadn't heard of before and I just had to read the book, because I nosily wanted to know what her gift was. So I began reading... And then I couldn't stop. I finally found out that the main character's gift is the ability to mess with (or mess up) electronics, like cell phones, microwaves, and radios. Unfortunately, this is where my liking for the book stopped. But then as I got to the meat of the story, I began to get confused. Daisy's powers were discussed in the beginning of the story, but they weren't EXPLAINED until way later in the story and I was confused about some of the things she could do. Also with her powers I noticed some details that didn't make sense. She can't use a cell phone or anything like that, but the fact that she can use a house phone.... Yeah last I checked that was electronic as well. I also did not like the plot. It seemed like the further I got through it the more I wanted to put it down. I was definitely let down by this book. I made it through the first 2/3rds of the book and I just couldn't finish it.