The Catastrophic History of You and Me - Jess Rothenberg More of my reviews posted on my blog: Take Me Away... Everything about this book was amazing. From cover to cover. Speaking of the cover, it was what initially drew me to the book. After reading the story, it fits perfectly and I love it even more. The actual story was fun and easy to read, even with a premise that could have been taken so seriously. I also loved that the chapters were titled from song lyrics that went along with the events that played out in the chapter. To go along with that, I saw on her website that she had a playlist to go along with the book, so I was able to read and listen to it and it was great. It made me connect with them even more. But what I loved the most was the fact the comical aura of Brie even though she was D&G. I laughed throughout this entire book. As far as the characters, they were all great assets to the story. Everyone that was in it came with a specific purpose. There were some that I felt so incredibly sorry for and others that I felt so happy with and others that I was sad about. My favorite character in the book though was not Brie, but Patrick. He was such a sweetie and he was there for Brie through everything. And he just seemed to complement Brie so well. From his constant teasing her to his seriousness about certain subjects. This book will leave you breathless. I certainly was. I found myself like oh yeah I know what's going on like trying to guess only to find out that Rothenberg went and through a plot twist in the mix. It was an amazing story. One thing I would like to see is a story from Sadie's POV.