Lies Beneath  - Anne Greenwood Brown More reviews of mine can be found here: Take Me Away... On the Pages of your Story I really had mixed feelings about this one. It was one of those reads that I enjoyed, but only because I put it down and read a whole nother book and a half before I could finish it. And the only reason I picked it back up, is because I had brought the purse with the Nook in it rather than my current read. But it was well worth it. What made it worth it, was the different view on mermaids. It was very different from anything I had ever read about them. In this they were murderous creatures who lived off human's emotions and trying to get revenge on them. BUT, even with that, it wasn't enough action in the story, which is where I was lost. I was expecting Brown to use those murderous mermaids and use them WELL..... Like have a couple battle scenes or SOMETHING. Don't get me wrong, the plot included some surprises, but not enough for me to say OMG I loved it. As I stated earlier, it was a read that I finished after putting it down for a few days. One thing that I actually did enjoy though, was the romance. What I missed out on in action, I fell right back in the story with the romance that came about. It was way more than I was expecting and I did enjoy every minute if it.