Hallowed - Cynthia Hand I LOVE this cover! Here I was thinking it couldn't get better than the first one... I was indeed wrong :)* Reviewed on 5/20/12*First off, I want to say thank you Ms. Hand for the mini refresher at the beginning because I was a little worried about how far ago I had read Unearthly and if I would be lost reading this. But she put a couple of events in there and I was able to move on easily and memories of what happened came flooding back. On to the story. This book is FULL of emotion. I went from happy, sad, frustrated, to surprised, to devestated. To make the feelings I had even more promenient, the fact that she could read feelings made them stand out even more. And the way she handled all those emotions she felt and all the decisions she made, made it clear that Clara had grown quite a bit since the last book. I will say that some things were definitively predictable, but not wholly if that makes sense. Like there were some things I could pick out, but only one small detail would be different from what I thought. Even still, it makes for a really great story. I also liked the addition of the new characters and the new powers that the other angels had. It was nice to see that as angels there are some with "higher powers" (pun intended lol). I also enjoyed the fact that Clara finds out more and more about herself. It was a bit of a coming of age for her where she realized that her mother hid things, but for good reason. She and us, the readers, learned more about her, her abilities, and her heritage as the story went on, and it was a very emotional ride. I admit, I found myself crying towards the end. If you read it, you know why. I was also crying at the last two pages. So very, very sad. Last but not least, if you are a Tucker fan (like myself) be forewarned.... This book is very Chrisitan oriented. I mean I like Christian and all, but who would take him over a hick with a country accent, startling blue eyes, muscles for days from hauling hay, and a cowboy hat? *SWOON* Well Clara, if you don't want him, I DO! lol