The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting As you can see from above, this book was published in 2010. I bought it that same year, but it sat on my TBR pile until just recently.... It took the back burner to books with a "lighter" synopsis and books I had to read for school. I purchased it because the book blurb interested me, but it also made me think the book was going to be totally dark and creepy, the opposite of the contemparary/paranormal romance kick I was on. Because of this I figured this wouldn't satisfy me. Boy was I wrong! The third book in the series coming out (check under the review for the extra tidbit about the series) with its new title and cover had bloggers all around posting about it and it sparked my interest about it, so I got out the good ol Nook again and finally cracked it open... And I'm glad I did. This book is about a girl who has a "special knack" for finding dead bodies; animals and people alike. The story opens with her as a little kid with her father and she finds a body off the path in the woods by her house. As the story goes on, it is revealed that a serial killer is on the loose after Violet finds the first girl's body with her friends during their leisure time at a lake. Going further into the story, Violet decides that she will be the one to catch the killer, using her special ability. This story is nothing short of AMAZING. There were so many times I couldn't put it down. One thing that I really loved about the story though, was the fact that the story wasn't as morbid as I thought. The romance between Jay and Violet balanced the story out perfectly. Especially all the ups and downs they went through. Everyone knows how I feel about a good chase in a romance and this story did just that. I loved it. The other thing I really liked about the story was all the twists and turns that it had. There were plenty of times I felt my mouth drop because something that was completely unexpected happened. I hate love surprises, but only in stories. And this one was great.