Die for Me - Amy Plum Cross posted here at my blog: Take Me Away... On the Pages of Your StoryI was practically dying to read this (no pun intended) and I won't say I was disappointed, but it wasn't what I expected. The above book blurb was from GoodReads but is not the same one on the book jacket. This is the one that drew me in. Although the book blurb gave me too high hopes, there were many things I still enjoyed about the story. For example, I love Love LOVED the setting. Paris is a beautiful place and perfect for lovers. I also liked the refreshing new type of paranormal being that Plum brought to our world, the Revenant. They are best described by Kate (the main character) as a "kind of undead-guardian-angel type of monster that runs around saving human lives." Definitely a cool idea. I also liked Vincent's romantic side (even if we didn't see it much). Yes I admit, I'm a hopeless romantic. The cover too is indeed gorgeous. I like this one better than the others. Maybe because this one was animated. lol yeah I'm a big kid. Now to the hard part, what I didn't like. The story to me was so good... until Vincent was gone. Then it got a little bland. I also felt like I was learning about the Revenants and what they do for too much of the story rather than just enjoying it. There wasn't very much I didn't like. All I can say now is I enjoyed the book and I look forward to the sequel coming out in May 2012.