A Beautiful Dark - Jocelyn Davies Cross-posted here on my blog: Take Me Away... On the Pages of your StoryThe very first thing that drew me in on NetGalley was the cover. I think its really beautiful the way she's like flying and after reading the story I kind of think I know what scene it was from. Anyway, so I clicked it and read the synopsis and I was intrigued by the two boys. It didn't really say what they were, just that one was "dark" and the other is "fair." I wanted to see what theur mystery was. So I was able to review it (thank you HarperCollins) and it turns out that they're angels. I was so excited because I LOVE books with Angels. They're my favorite genre of paranormal romance. As far as the story, I liked it. I will say that at the beginning I was like ok... where is the moving plot, but it got a lot better after the boys introduced their story and said what their purpose of being there was. Also, the love triangle.... I'm not exactly sure what to say about it. I was just as confused as she was while bouncing back and forth between the two during the story. It wasn't until the very end where we got something definite. (I didn't like either one during the plot but at the climax it was confirmed.) As far as everything else concerning Skye, she was an ok character, but I couldn't reallly relate to her. She was ok, but not terrible or great. I was a little disappointed because like I said I was looking for a "real" romance with angels, but it was ok. I enjoyed the read and Davies' writing style, but I wish I liked the two dudes more and the romance was a bigger part of the story. Lastly, the end does have a cliff hanger ending. If you do not like them, you will definitely not like this ending. I'm unfortunaely one of those kinds of people. I felt so lost and confused. Like its ok to have a cliffhanger, but don't put it to where the reader feels like they still don't know anything after the entire story is read. That's the way I felt. Hopefully this book has a sequel. (That's why I put that on the book's info at the top. I need there to be a sequel to understand the missing part.)