Supernaturally - Kiersten White I didn't realize how much I missed Evie until I started reading this. She was still the same with the sarcastic nature and wittiness that I had grown to love from the first book. Now, Paranormalcy was a unique and cute story, which made me a little iffy to read this because I didn't think the series could get any better. But I was definitely wrong. Evie's journey through Supernaturally was really amazing, even if it was in the world she views as "normal." I LOVED the addition of all the characters, and thought that each one had a specific role in the story, which they played well. (I just wanna say, I hated Jack from the beginning...) And with White's description, I was able to view each new character just as she described them. Another thing I enjoyed was the way the story flowed. Everything and everyone involved in the story had a purpose. It wasn't like others I had read that just included a character for plot development. I was a little impressed at that, seeing as there were so many characters, both new and old. And Evie and Lend's relationship? Omg I'm so glad they are still together and they made it work after the beginning of the series. (Although I felt like in this one he was a bit whiny at times lol) It was also nice to learn more about Evie and her past, even though it wasn't a great one like she had hoped before. Kiersten White did an amazing job with this series and has made me even more impatient to get to the next installment in the series.