Chain Reaction - Simone Elkeles Wow... This is going to be hard. I guess I should start by saying, this is one of those reviews I didn't want to write. It made the realization that the series was over, far too real. From the very beginning when I met Alex I fell in love with the Fuentes brothers. Then in book two, I fell in love with Carlos when I really met him as well. This book was no different. (P.S. Sorry Alex, but Luis has now become my favorite Fuentes brother.) Towards the beginning I found it interesting to see that Elkeles had switched it up a little and put the chip on the Nikki's shoulder instead of the usual Fuentes brother. It showed that he had indeed learned from his bother's mistakes and was able to move past it. Throughout the whole story I could feel when both him and Nikki's turmoil, when they experienced it both together and separate. At times I found myself talking to the book like the characters could hear me. [Ex: Ugh Luis! Don't do that! Make the right decision!] It was just THAT good. I also found myself reading blearily through tears at many times throughout the book. (As well as throughout the ENTIRE series smh) I ended up staying up until 3am to finish the book in one sitting. I had planned on getting to a certain page and going to bed, but it just so happened I picked the part right before the climax, and when I got there, sleep was no where in sight. One thing I really enjoyed about the book was the Epilogue. I was happy to see that she included the Fuentes brothers' mother to show that her and her family were finally at peace. She was a huge part of this series and it was nice to see that she was finally happy. Simone Elkeles is a brilliant contemporary author. She is the one who introduced me to the contemporary genre, because I never read it unless it had some type of paranormal involved. With this series, I have learned to appreciate the classic "Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl again" tale.