Wherever You Go - Heather Davis Cross posted on my blog: Take Me Away... On the Pages of Your StoryThis book held a really great story. In many ways it reminded me of If I Stay by Gayle Foreman which I LOVED! It had all the romance, plus the ghostly kind of feel to it. In this story, author Heather Davis was able to describe in perfect detail the raw emotion that each character had. From the ghost of a boy Rob, to the lost girl after the accident Holly, to the love struck boy Jason, all the way to the Alzheimer's stricken grandfather Aldo. I was able to identify with each character and connect to them as if they were my own family. The emotions were so real and intense, that I found myself crying before I had even reached 100 pages. It was a great story of a lost love and finding the courage again to move on. Another thing I loved was the actual way it was written. For a while I've been trying to make the switch to contemporary romance from the paranormal romance genre, but I couldn't find anything to make me want to switch. With the addition of Rob and his ghost in this story, it made it easy for me to get into the romance and not think about him being a ghost. The only thing I did not like about it, was the fact that the ending was terribly predictable. I pretty much knew everything as it came up.