Across the Universe - Beth Revis Cross posted here at my blog: Take Me Away... On the Pages of your Story My initial thought after closing the book last night was "Woooow.... That was really a debut?" After reading this, one thing is for certain, Revis is an amazing writer. The story left me breathless. At certain parts I found myself yelling and other times I found myself gasping at the book. What I liked most were the characters. From Amy to Harley to Eldest. Yes I liked Eldest, but not because of what he did, but because of how he was written. For Revis to be able to write and develop such a sick, sadistic, lying characters like Eldest and one who will not be named (for spoilers), and make me feel all the hatred that all the other characters did, she deserves applause lol Although I did like the book, the beginning starts out a little slow. It took a minute to get into it, but when I did, I had a day off and ended up devouring the end of the book. The end is where all the jaw dropping twists and turns occur as each secret is unlocked. With every one secret that you discover, it will become harder and harder for you to put the book down.