Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel This is the second steam punk novel I've read (the first being Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel) so i was pretty iffy about starting it. I was also iffy about it because I don't normally like zombie books. But still, I wanted to read it.... And this book definitely surprised me. I loved how everything was put together and the getaway scenes were amazing. it was clear that the author thought through everything and wanted to be sure that they left no question unanswered. I really felt like habel did an excellent job researching everything for her book. The Victorian age made the steam punk area of the novel so much more interesting. And the "info" about the zombies. Well it wasn't really research, but what she made up in her head. And the fact that all the technology will probably really be used for everything the way it was here. And lastly, the romance.... Sigh. my favorite part. it was my favorite part because it wasn't the whole entire story. It made me happy because the novel wasn't centered around it like most other novels in this genre are. Towards the end though, I did get a little bored because the zombies lost their fighting points, but I did enjoy the novel overall. Habel has made for a goodn read and I really cannot wait for the sequel.