Paranormalcy - Kiersten White *MY THOUGHTS*Cross posted on my blog at: book kind of reminded me of the tv show Supernatural that comes on TNT. Well except the fact that Evie didn't kill them, they just tagged the paranormals. Speaking of Evie, I LOVED her. Her sarcastic nature was hilarious and kind of reminded me of myself. But I will admit, it got kind of annoying sometimes. She kind of came off like a spoiled brat. I also loved the fact that she loved pink (even though I despise it) and she was blonde. She reminded me of a kick a*s barbie doll. I also thought the writing was a little juvenile too. Buuuut that's what I get for reading a YA novel right? (I know many of you bloggers out there are saying "Oh no she didn't!" but come on really "OMG my legs are prickly!" is a bit much.....) One thing I would have enjoyed more is seeing more of different paranormals like the hag, Lend, and his mom. Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, and faeries are soo last year hahaha Another thing I didn't like was the end. I was looking to Vivian putting up a huge fight and Evie being all kick a*s and shining in all her glory at the end, but the fight was nonexistant. Vivian threw her around once and it was over. Kind of felt a little flat. I didn't like Reth either. He totally freaked me out lol I understand now he was trying to help her (well really himself...) but he could have done it in a non-scary kind of way, just saying. Ok, I know, I'm rambling now, so I'll just sum it up. It was a very enjoyable read with great characters and a great storyline. The main character was witty, sarcastic, funny, and kick a*s. Everything you need to make the story work.