Stay - Deb Caletti *MY THOUGHTS*This book surprised me in both good and bad ways... Let's start with the good. I really liked the way Caletti went back and forth between the past & present. Clara's memories were my favorite part of the story. I think this was because this is where the danger of Christian was. I found myself swallowed up by those chapters, yelling at the book as if I were yelling at Clara herself. As for the bad, I was surprised that the only time I found myself wrapped up was when the fear of Christian was around. The chapters from the present weren't as engrossing as the others. But at the end, when Christian surfaced in the present, I was a goner. I also was torn between the "realistic-ness" of the situation. I felt after events like that there was no way anyone would move on as easily to Finn as she did. But, I did like the way Christian was portrayed and the realistic way she- a fool in love- kept letting him back in. This was definitely a nice way to come back to realistic fiction.