Left Drowning - Jessica Park Because I only made it to 9%, this will not be a real review. I'll just tell you what I gathered from the first few chapters. In this book you will find:-Insta-love-Repetitionand -very bad characters.When I first heard about this, I was expecting a really good NA book about a guy and a girl who fell in love after bonding. They bonded over skipping rocks. At the end of that scene she was like "Oh I can tell him EVERYTHING! I haven't told anyone this in four years, but I'm going to tell this guy that I met 5 minutes ago that my parents died. And then when he tells me that his mom died I'm like We have something in common then!" But then after she fell asleep on the side of the river (FOR A FEW HOURS) and he sat there and watched her sleep.... Yeah Creeper! I couldn't do it anymore. This just isn't the book for me.